Whelping ID Collars Bands Puppy Dog Kitten 12 Colours Soft Adjustable Reusable


New Whelping I.D Collars
In A Rainbow of 12 Colours
ideal for Breeders
Simply the best way to I.D
Newborn Puppies or Kittens
Endevering to Maintain Low Prices Whilst
retaining The Highest Quality
  •  A Rainbow of 12 colourful puppy bands
  • Our puppy bands are made with a soft material with a secure grip once in place  
  • Pre-Cut Rounded Ends
  • Designed  for the comfort of Your Puppy or Kitten
Why Rounded Ends ?


Our unique rounded end ID collars are designed for the maximum comfort of your pet and the pre-cut rounded ends help eliminate the collars from peeling apart accidentally


Pre-Cut Rounded Ends
Can be used from birth and easily adjustable
Helps Breeders to Identify and Monitor each individual Puppy or kitten in identical Litters
Aids your puppy or kitten to become Collar tolerant at an early age
Reusable for future litters
Made from colourfast and fully machine washable material
  'Hook-and-Loop Fastener' material


Small Size

Toy breeds,Kitten

Length 24cm x Width 1cm

Standard/Medium Size


Ideal for a wide range of breeds from :


Toy breeds to the Average size Labradors


  Length 35cm x Width 1cm




  Large Size


Ideal for the larger breeds :


Great Danes, German Shepherds,


Saint Bernard's


 Length 40cm x Width 1cm


All sizes are Approximate